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Scentsible Life Wellness Sessions
Bring Wellness and Happiness To Your Life

Massage, bodywork, essential oils and herbs have been our companions for centuries to help maintain and enhance health and beauty.

In modern day life we forget that it is important to give our body the relaxation and care it needs on a regular basis. Wellness Sessions are ideal for this purpose. Our Wellness Sessions help to put you into a deep state of relaxation while giving your body the benefits inherent to bodywork.   

During a wellness session your body can restore and rejuvenate, leaving you calm and refreshed. Wellness sessions lead to improved muscle and skin tone, alleviation of aches and pains, enhanced circulation, and an improved immune system. Quality of life enhancements such as better sleep and more focus and energy throughout the day are experienced by many clients.
Customized Massage Therapy
for Relaxation

Our nurturing, full-body massage helps to maintain and enhance physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. 

We recommend this session as a complimentary modality to regular fitness/endurance exercises, recovery from an illness, or simply to keep you relaxed, healthy and fit.

60 minutes $100 or 90 minutes $150
You can add a 30 minute facial massage with our freshly made skin care products for $50 additional fee.

90 minutes for $150.00
includes deep cleansing, custom facial mask, hydration, moisturizing with a soothing, skin firming facial, chest and arm massage.

We offer you a variety of sessions to make caring for yourself a part of your life. You can choose from regular wellness massages, bodywork for specific conditions, beauty treatments, or try our vibrational healing sessions. 

All of our sessions have one thing in common: Your health and well-being is the most important factor in any session. We are here for you to facilitate the support, help and nurturing you need and deserve. 

All our therapists love their profession, and are passionate about helping people. All Scentsible Life therapists  are licensed, California State Certified with many years of experience.
Customized Massage Therapy
to treat a specific condition

This session is completely customized to address a specific condition. Various massage and bodywork techniques, such as Swedish massage strokes, deep into the tissue, fascia work, Thai stretches, Trigger Points, and other modalities create a coordinated and harmonious session. 

We recommend this session for sports and other muscular injuries, chronic aches and pains, and postural conditions.

90 minutes: $150
Essential Oil Therapy

So many times in our lives we try really hard to overcome difficulties and challenges. We engage in all kinds of help and support, and the situation does not change. Why doesn't it happen? This is the question I hear so often from my clients. It does not happen because there is something in the subconscious that does not feel or believe that it is possible to overcome the difficulties and challenges. 

The Essential Oil Therapy Session is designed to unleash hidden or subconscious holding patterns. Once the subconscious or hidden holding pattern is unleashed the body, mind, emotion and spirit work in harmony. Difficulties and challenges are no longer threatening. Therefore effective solutions are seen and actions are accomplished with focus, mindfulness, and with a sense of there is nothing wrong and life is beautiful.

During an Essential Oil Therapy session custom essential oils are selected and applied to specific points on your hands and arms while you soak in a soothing foot bath. Once your body, mind and emotions are relaxed you will be guided onto a massage table where essential oils are applied to specific points on your body, similar to acupuncture or acupressure points. 

After the session you will be given integrative homework, so that the changes you have made during the session can be felt and experienced in your daily life. 

Essential Oil Therapy Session: 60 minutes  $150
Energy Therapy

The Energy Therapy session is a unique, relaxing experience to restore physical, emotional and mental relaxation, which in turn boosts he functioning of the physical systems, During the session stagnation and blockages in the energy field are cleared, and rebalanced, so the body has access to its own inherent healing mechanism. Any shift of energy will create a new and fresh awareness. After the session the client will spend time with the therapist to discuss practices or exercises to help with the integration process into the daily life.

Energy Therapy: 
60 minutes $100
All Scentsible Life therapists are professionally trained, experienced, compassionate and loving individuals.

We are inviting you to visit us, and enjoy our sessions.
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